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Alisha Falconer is an Australian abstract artist known for her captivating large-scale creations. Working predominantly on a commission basis, Alisha's artistic prowess shines through as she seamlessly weaves botanical influences and natural elements into her pieces. Her art, characterised by contrasting tones, textured layers, and inviting colours, draws viewers into a nostalgic journey that evokes a profound sense of calm.


Alisha's inspiration is rooted in her memories of growing up in the enchanting Western Australian countryside. The colour that surrounded her in those formative years have left an indelible mark on her artistic vision. Each brushstroke echoes the vibrant hues of the wildflowers, the tranquil blues of the sky, and the warm earthy tones of the landscapes that have imprinted themselves on her heart. It is these very memories that infuse her work with an authentic and deeply personal sense of nostalgia, allowing her creations to resonate on both a visual and emotional level.

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